Emit, Abate – apples, oranges

apple_orange_afterListening to ABC radio (92.5 in the ¼ hr before 8) this morning, as is my often trip to work back ground noise, I was astonished by the level of misunderstanding (or misrepresentation) of the ALP/Lib proposed carbon policies.

Bringing the ETRS system forward 12 months was going to result in $6/T CO2 pricing, whereas the cheapest Lib price for “direct action” was soil carbon sequestration at around $8-$10/T CO2. Well yes 6 is smaller than 8, and both use units of “per tonne of CO2 equivalent”.

But, and this is no small but, one is referring to a cost per tonne of emission and other is a cost per tonne of abatement. Are we really at a level of religious flagellation and hysteria on this topic that the basic difference of a per tonne emitted cost and a per tonne abated cost is “same same”?


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