Isn’t it an invisible gas – CO2

A Champagne Cheers!”Just ask yourself what an emissions trading scheme is all about. It’s a so-called market in the non-delivery of an invisible substance to no one,” Not sure that Tony Abbott would say the same thing again but if you look at the quote what is actually factually wrong about it? Change “substance” to “gas” and the answer is nothing – CO2 is an invisible gas, and it is a gas under any normal conditions (above -78.5 Deg C) in the environment.

It is not a comment about anthropogenic climate change, it is a comment about the human response to ACC. Many people, myself included, think it is quite simply ludicrous to target 5% and 10% “abatement” in the circumstances where 65% abatement would still leave us with human CO2 production at levels larger than the levels at which the atmospheric CO2 concentration started rising.

All ETSs anywhere around the globe have been massively manipulated by the governing bodies, and usually also by their participants.

Free and competitive markets are strong methods of delivering outcomes at lowest costs. No one is offering a free and competitive market in CO2. I wish Tony Abbott would continue to prosecute that argument. I suspect he won’t – and we are all the poorer for it. It is difficult to conceive of any activity in which we could globally devote so much time, effort, and money and get so little in return. Delaying any anthropogenic climate change by some years or decades is really not so very much.


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