Voting for PM, or hung parliament, or anything other than the local member

PM polling paperSept 7 it is.

Rudd2.0, or should that be Kevin 7/11 is going to the polls before the G20 meeting in Russia. I am surprised, but not for the first time.

Some quick observations…

1. The major party leader who doesn’t want to debate is in front. Doesn’t matter what year, which party etc etc that truth will be a constant.

2. Around 14.5M of us are eligible to vote, 14M or so will.

3. 100,000 electors of Warringah in NSW or Griffith in Qld will get to vote (or not) for the person we expect to be the next PM.

4. No one will actually get to vote on ballot with the option of “PM” on it.

5. Neither will anyone get to vote on a ballet paper with the option of “hung parliament”.

6. The GG on advice from the current PM will invite that person who (seems likely to have) has the confidence of the lower house. In short the leader of the majority party (or coalition) in the parliament’s lower house.

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne claims “If the Australian people choose not to give one political party all the power… Tony Abbott is displaying incredible arrogance by saying he’s not willing to form minority government if the Australian people don’t deliver what he wants,”

We maybe Tony is arrogant, but no one individual nor we as a collective are “choosing” in the sense the senator attempts to imply. It’s a convenient nonsense attempting to build a credible mandate for The Greens.


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