This worm is not for turning

Ridge WormWatched the (first? only??) leaders debate. Chose to do so on 7TWO which includes the “worm”. Interesting to see it, even if its validity is very easy to question.

Men were consistently swung more (than Women) from 50:50 all night. Rudd started and was immediately 55-60% negative. From his perspective it only got worse. The viewer response, as displayed by the worm, was consistently negative for Rudd and positive for Abbott.

By the end of the night it was out to 70:30 – positive for Abbott, negative for Rudd.

A good win for Abbott, no slip ups, no gaffs, pretty solid all night. Abbott avoided his natural (?) agreesive, attacking, debating style.

Rudd seemed rushed. Was he focusing on NOT being long winded, and nerdy? He also used notes (which surprises me as he is certainly capable of not needing them), and sank through the hour. Although he did seem to get into his stride after a few answers.

Two things stood out to me. First, that even when Rudd was merely starting and setting a context for his answer the “worm” had already responded. Second, there is something that Rudd’s advisors can take from the evening… when Rudd is a hectoring policy wonk he is even more severely disliked. Quite whether they can solve that one, is a whole ‘nother challenge.


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