Not preferencing The Greens – consitent

Which path to take?Tony Abbott has decided the Liberal party will NOT preference The Greens over the ALP in any seat in this coming Federal election. Isn’t that a logical extension of his argument that they have been bad for the country? In fact, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to do anything else?

My enemy’s enemy is my friend is fraught with difficulties, and seems pretty shallow, and somewhat problematic, if you are presenting as a rational positive leadership alternative.

The impact on The Greens will be significant. Adam Bandt in 2010 in the seat of Melbourne won it with Liberal preferences flowing to him at better than 80%. In the recent State election where the Libs did NOT preference The Greens the flow was just over 33%.

This probably rules out The Greens being in the hunt for any other House of Reps seat this time, and may even lead to Bandt not holding his own.

I expect Christine Milne to be loud and outrageous in her claims. I’ll comment on them when I hear/see them.

With thanks to Antony Green and his blog for the data –


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