17 Polls since Rudd2.0

17 poll Rudd2With 5 organisations offering multiple public, national polls, to provide a like for like trend.

Essential – up trend, to hung parliament

Galaxy – flat, as hung parliament

Nielsen – down trend, majority L-NP

Newspoll – down trend, majority L-NP

Morgan – strong down trend, majority L-NP

Looking at the polls (Gillard since 2012) pre and post Rudd2.0 a couple of things become pretty obvious.

17 poll Rudd2 plus GillardRudd2.0 HAS changed the electoral prospects of the ALP – “Kevin IS saving the furniture”. But, and this is the predicament, since the campaign has begun there is a strong and consistent trend to declining polls.

Expect to see Rudd trying to change the narrative. The move to negative TV advertising (which isn’t remarkable of itself) will be the first of many attempts to arrest the decline.


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