Back online and the nonsense continues

nonsense alert

Having gone through my own personal media blackout for 3 weeks (Thanks to my corporate IT people for “fixing” my phone such that it didn’t work as I went on holidays – I did get gloriously uninterrupted holiday time), I am now finally back on line.  Loved the Fed Election and watched the broadcast avidly.  I will blog more on that shortly.

However I’ll add a “nonsense alert” blog first.

From The Greens

“The real opposition to Tony Abbott will be the people of Melbourne” Adam Bandt.  While not substantially more illogical, and self-deluding than anything else coming out of The Greens it is worthy of mention in dispatches.

From a lightened Federal Public Service

Tony Abbott has sacked 3 Heads of Department – Andrew Metcalfe at Agriculture, Blair Comley at Resources and Energy, and Don Russell at Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.  Acting opposition leader Chris Bowen says it’s Australia’s loss.

Chris Bowen acting leader of the ALP said on Thursday, “If Mr Metcalfe’s being punished for being honest that’s a very poor start for this government”.  Honest?  Well honestly I don’t know what the reasoning is for sacking Mr Metcalfe, but commenting on opposition immigration policy as head of Dept of Agriculture is a lot of things – honest is not high on a list which starts with inappropriate, unprofessional, over reach, partisan, and just plain dumb….       … he should go because Heads of Dept should not do what he did.

From Journalism refinding its roots

With Tony Abbott not providing endless material and attempting to dominate the news cycle our journos are having to go back to…              …journalism.  Should be good for them, us and governance.

From the Senate

With numerous opinion pieces saying Tony Abbott will have endless difficulty with the new Senate come July 1, 2014.  The leftish Labor/Grn majority will be gone, and around 6 independents will cover the middle ground.  This leaves the L-NP with a wide range of combinations available to it build a majorities, which can be varied by legislation, and in which no one person or party can hold the government to ransom.  Cannot see under any state of sobriety, or wakefulness, in which this is a worse than having to deal with Christine Milne.

From Tasmanian State politics

Brenton Best warns he may come to some personal integrity!  Well no he didn’t but what he did say was that after the next election if there was a Labor/Green alliance government he would sit on the crossed benches.  This is of course complete nonsense on so many levels, and self-serving hypocrisy on one.

There is no serious likelihood of a Labor/Green government.  Wipeout, yes.  Government, no.  Brenton Best cannot sit on the crossed benches and maintain his membership of the ALP.  They would expel him, and he would become a so called independent.

Which leads logically to the self-serving hypocrisy.  If the Labor/Green government is such that Brenton would not be a part of it, then why is he remaining so now?  Could it be that he wants the party endorsement, machine, support, promotion, and name to allow him to be re-elected and thinks that he will then jettison the party.

The intention is fine, the time is what makes it self-serving hypocrisy.

From Palmer at QandA

Well the blog is too short to even begin to talk about Palmer – like trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant Palmer is difficult to take seriously.  However he does occasionally include the kernel of a sensible idea.  Why do we still vote with pencils, and have less identity check than to walk on to a plane?

The other brain freeze was the suggestion that parliamentary privilege would somehow release Clive’s commentary.  He is off the chain now, providing a forum in which he can be off the chain is unlikely to change anything at all.



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