Actually not true

you control climate change With IPCC5 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report coming out shortly the Global Warming debate will fire up again.

Judith Curry an American climatologist and chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology has an interesting blog and well worth following.

This issue of CO2 as a climate control knob has always bugged me, I’m not sure how/what to think about this…
But on what time scales does it make sense to think of CO2 as a control knob? That is a very relevant question in context of CO2 mitigation policies that doesn’t seem to get asked. The conventional (IPCC) ‘wisdom’ has been that there is a time lag in the climate system of nominally 50 years, after which time the impacts of different emission scenarios would be felt on the Earth’s climate (surface temperature, sea level rise, extreme weather, and all that).

Regardless of the science, and there are a range of views on that… there seems to be a logical black hole when it comes to the policy response. IPCC5 will (I predict) once again massively over reach and go from the pitiful science of weather prediction to statements on public policy.

I wish there was a dial, and I wish I could control it. The science is not settled, and the public policy debate is made up of religious fanatics, jihadist, deniers, and those of us left on the sidelines.

The process of the IPCC is deeply flawed, and its public credibility seems to be on the wane. We live in interesting times.


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