Not a theoretical difficulty with Tasmanian abortion law reform

It saddens me that Tasmania is pursuing new euthanasia law and revised abortion law. It annoys me extremely that it is being done, in the way it is being done – poorly, repeatedly, without meaningful debate, and without any acceptance of the proponents that any expressed concerns are genuine.

As reported from Victoria, this is alarming.

I would hope that there would be no Doctors in Australia who would provide a “gender selection” abortion where a perfectly healthy baby is aborted merely because the parents want the other gender. It would seem to me that this is a very problematic situation, on very many levels. Is the Medical Board of Victoria implying that there is a long queue of known Drs who would provide this service?

It goes with the current territory, that Tasmania’s proposed abortion law reform which provides “on demand” abortion to 16 weeks, and to term with 2x Drs professional judgement of “best health interest of the mother” does absolutely nothing to deal with this.

I would think as an absolute minimum the legislation should clearly disallow gender selection abortions of no medical merit (i.e. no genetic complication for instance), and also very carefully deal with the possibility of coercion.


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