Legalising criminal conduct will reduce it?

Nick McKim (and Lara Giddings) brought back to the Tasmanian Parliament “Dying with Dignity” legislation.  In his contribution to the debate McKim claimed vulnerable people were being euthanased illegally in Tasmania now, but by bringing in euthanasia legislation the numbers of vulnerable people being euthanased would be reduced.

Really?  What other human activity does McKim claim will be reduced by legalising it.  Please note he is not claiming the number of vulnerable people being ILLEGALLY euthanased will be reduced, but the absolute number.  The balance of his argument doesn’t improve from this tenuous and unsupported claim.

Regardless of your view on euthanasia, to bring life and death legislation which is so poorly drafted, poorly argued, and “la la la”-ed to any criticism is a disgrace.  This legislation will go down today – it should.


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