Today is Remembrance Day

My Uncle Keith, navigated Lancaster’s in WW2. I like that the war memorial in Canberra has “G for George” a Lancaster in which he flew, as part of its very impressive display.

Keith turned up to the UK, from training in Canada, during the “Battle for Britain” when the life expectancy of an average British Fighter pilot had dropped under 7 days. He was part of Bomber Command where an aviator needed to complete 30 missions to be “retired”. When he first flew no single aviator had survived 30 missions.

He was shot down on a predictably disastrous clear night full moon mission, and spend time in a German POW camp in the east of Germany, and then survived a forced march in winter during the closing days of the war.

He carried the burden of his war time experience, at real personal cost, for the rest of his life. He was in very many ways not special or unique in his service history and sacrifice.

Today is Remembrance Day.


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