McKim sacrificing the interests of an “Arctic 30” Aussie for opportunistic local gain

Nick McKim has called on the Tasmanian State Parliament to write directly to Russian President Vladimir Puttin, seeking the release of one of the Australian’s currently held by the Russians as one of the “Arctic 30”.  The basis of this pleading is that “on any test his incarceration is not reasonable”.

This is probably somewhat less inane than the repetitious chanting of “peaceful protest” at every opportunity, it is however still a quite ludicrous action.  More importantly it is entirely, and ONLY self serving.

First, dealing with other nations on issues such as these is unequivocally, a Federal issue, not a State issue.

Second, McKim has as much access to DFAT briefings as me – that is none.  Any commentary, or action is outside the DFAT response.

Third, “not reasonable” is a feeble argument.  It is either legal, and within due Russian legal process, OR it is not.  “Not reasonable” is gratutious and provocative comment.  No country appreciates unsolicited negative commentary about their legal process as “not reasonable”.

So what is going on with Nick McKim calling on the State Parliament to act with respect to the Artic 30?  The argument is not going to be well received by the Russians, and as such will either do nothing for the Arctic 30, or in fact, hinder the resolution of their difficulties.

Where it will play well, is with the idealistic and somewhat naïve locals.


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