NBN – no cost benefit needed? wanted? or published???

Australian’s have an expression for wasting money for little result.

Goofy Stephen Conroy produced an NBN of ever increasing size. And while it was often sold on the spurious basis of we couldn’t imagine what we would do with so great a data super highway, it would be unimaginably great, and as such mere details such as cost benefit analysis were irrelevant.

However for the last 3 years the Gillard/Rudd governments DID have a cost benefit analysis to hand. Lazard, a consultacy the ALP used for NBN management both before and after this specific report, came to the conclusion that the Conroy NBN would be result in a net destruction of $31,000,000,000.00 – shorthand A$31B.

This is a lot of money by any measure.

I think, the only NBN nonsense I have been more offended by is listening to Stephen Conroy in the days after the election explaining that the NBN was actually a very troubled project, and that it was all the fault of the build contractors.


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