ALP’s Treasurer in waiting??

ImageThere will be a LOT of commentary on Hockey’s first budget tonight.  I may even be prompted in to blogging myself, but there will also be an opportunity to see who are the economic leaders of the ALP –  (IMO) it will be an interesting counter point to the Libs.

There is a simple graded evaluation of the responses.

C – “Broken Promise!” like a broken record.  Yes, undoubtedly but not really demonstrating anything beyond party faithful chanting.  May play well in house, but undeserving of job promotion.

B – “Inequitable”.  Yes, this is starting to demonstrate some core but BY ITSELF it is insufficent.  There is a canonisation of previous economic and tax settings which oppositions fall in to when criticising the change.  What we have isn’t perfect, or even reasonable, its a democratic compromise.

A – Criticism of the efficiency, effectiveness, and potential even goals of the budget.  Now that is an Opposition.

So who will step up to A grade commentary and when?  Penny Wong has the intellectual fire power, but on recent day’s of comment seemingly not the will.  Chris Bowen I am hopeful about.  Not expecting much (can I say anything) from Bill Shorten.

Tanya Pliberek, Anthony Albanese, Tony Burke, Joel Fitzgibbon, and others can all demonstrate their candidacy for the top job.  It won’t happen tonight, but we should hope that it starts to happen within the week.



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