Unconvinced by Wilkie’s Hobart parochialism

Tassie population centre


It is not often I read Andrew Wilkie and find myself completely unconvinced by the content of his argument. Sure I can disagree with him but this is something else. His argument itself is to use his words “parochialism gone mad”

Tasmania is the least “capitalised” state in Australia. 214k live in Hobart, 300k Tasmanians don’t. The population centre is about half way between Hobart and Launceston. Wilkie’s argument seems primarily to be the Hobart is the capital and that the new centralised health organisation should be there. Oh, and the main hospital is there, so the health admin should be. Presumably the fact that the health admin is there is the compelling reason the main hospital should also be.

Well indeed! Somewhat less than compelling for this Tasmanian, as we could move that “main” hospital too.

Wilkie’s seems (to me at least) to be running a remarkably base argument. Hobart is the capital, and the main services should be in the capital. Parochial seems like a fair description.

If you were truly going to minimise the commute for Tasmanians then Launceston would be it for pretty much all single location government services.

I don’t live in Launceston, but I would be absolutely delighted to see the Health Administration move to Launceston. In targeting the “Launceston mafia” Wilkie might be a little narrow in his attribution. I suspect an overwhelming majority of non Hobart Tasmania would support moving the Health administration to Launceston.

Perhaps we could be move the “main” hospital too?


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